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Adult Numeracy

The nationally recognised qualifications from City & Guilds in Adult Numeracy can improve your numeracy skills and help you get a better job.

You will develop new skills and gain confidence in whole numbers, Fractions, Decimals and percentages, common measures, shape and space and Handling data that will help you in all aspects of your life.

We offer Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications in Adult Numeracy. You will be able to sit examinations at both levels depending on your learning needs

Before you start your Adult Numeracy we will assess your current skills to establish which level and areas of the qualification you will need to work towards.


1 will suit you if you have some basic numeracy skills. You want to increase these skills enabling you to move on to further study.
2 will suit you if you want to increase your numeracy skills and gain a formal qualification which will help you take on more responsibility at work or move on to further study.


What the course will cover:-

Whole Numbers
Do you have trouble with long division or multiplication? We can help you to.

  • Write down & order numbers by size
  • Use the four rules of number i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.
  • How to work out positive & negative numbers, i.e. numbers less than zero.
  • Work out ratios, direct proportion.


Fractions, Decimals & Percentages.
Not sure how much “25% off” is in real terms? Or are fractions a little confusing? We can help you to.

  • Recognise fractions, how to calculate with them using simple, easy to remember methods.
  • Add, divide, subtract & multiply with decimals & how to work out where the dot goes.
  • Calculate percentages, how to recognise one numbers as a percentage of another number.
  • Convert between fractions, decimals & percentages.


Measures, Shape & Space
Unable to convert currencies or how to measure distance, area & volume? We can help you to.

  • Work with sums with money & how to change it into different currencies i.e Pounds into Euros.
  • Recognising different shapes, both 2 & 3-D..
  • Learn how to calculate perimeters, areas & volumes.
  • Know how to use imperial & metric units & how you can convert them i.e pounds into kilograms, litres into pints.


Handling Data
Not sure how to read data from bar charts or tables or how to work out averages? We can help you to.

  • Look up data from charts, tables & be able to find specific information.
  • Work & express probability using fraction, decimals & percentages.
  • Use mean, median & mode to express statistical data.


After completion of your courses, you will begin your test preparation to asses if you are ready to take your City and Guilds National Test in Adult Numeracy.


If you are interested in enrolling on the Adult Numeracy course please contact us via our contacts page.

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