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Adult Literacy
The nationally recognised qualifications from City & Guilds in Adult Literacy can improve your literacy skills and help you get a better job.
You will develop new skills and gain confidence in reading, writing and Grammar & punctuation that will help you in all aspects of your life.
We offer Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications in Adult Literacy. You will be able to sit examinations at both levels depending on your learning needs.
Before you start your Adult Literacy we will assess your current skills to establish which level and areas of the qualification you will need to work towards.


Level 1 will suit you if you have some basic literacy skills. You want to increase these skills enabling you to move on to further study.
Level 2 will suit you if you want to increase your literacy skills and gain a formal qualification which will help you take on more responsibility at work or move on to further study.



What the course will cover:-

If you’re finding that it can take you take time to read through a passage of text & locate or find the meaning. We can help you to.

  • Skimming techniques for quicker understanding of information.
  • Understand the differences between different styles of texts, such as instructional, persuasive & informative.
  • Find information using different reading methods
  • Identify main points, information & the differences between opinion & fact in a text


Do you find writing tricky? Everyday tasks like writing notes can be tough if your writing skills aren't up to scratch. We can help you to.

  • Organise & plan your writing into paragraphs
  • Use appropriate writing styles to present information clearly.
  • Proof-read your writing to identify errors in a written text.
  • Use the correct level of detail, format & structure to your text to suit your writing.


Grammar and Punctuation
Incorrect punctuation not only looks unprofessional, it can actually change the meaning of what you write. We can help you to.

  • Identify different types of tense, adjectives, verbs & nouns.
  • Use punctuation like commas, full stops, semi-colons & apostrophes
  • Structure your writing for better understanding for your target audience.
  • Use similar sound words & the context in which they would be used.


After completion of your courses, you will begin your test preparation to asses if you are ready to take your City and Guilds National Test in Adult Literacy.


If you are interested in enrolling on the Adult Literacy course please contact us via our contacts page.

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