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Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity features within our business in a number of ways, firstly with regards to our values and our customer base.  Working within the vibrant borough of Lewisham we have recognised and embraced our diverse customer base and developed our services so that they meet the specific needs of different equality groups.

The second is with regard to the businesses that we work with ensuring that the support we give them enables them to demonstrate compliance against equality law and develop policies to protect and support them and their staff.

Diversity Business Solutions


We offer a range of Diversity & Inclusion Support Programmes which include delivery of equality audits, bespoke consultancy and training.


Diversity Assessment - The assessment journey is supportive, encouraging and engaging. You will be allocated a business coach and assessor who will support you through all the assessment stages.
Organisations undertaking diversity assessment will receive additional business support, this includes:

  • Telephone support from their Coach/Assessor
  • Guidance and reference materials to assist on their assessment journey
  • One-to-one support in preparing materials for the assessment

Please click for further information: Equality Act 2010 Course
Please click for further information: LEEP Now Programme


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