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Digital Skills (IT Skills for Employability)


Digital Skills is a BCS (British Computer Society) Entry Level qualifications designed for learners who have never used a computer, been online or want to be armed with the right skills to enter the job market and find work.


Digital skills consist of tutor supported interactive e-learning courses that are delivered in flexible bite-sized chunks that are both relevant, fun to learn and enable you to develop practical digital skills at a pace comfortable to you.


The course content reflects the competences you will need in today’s employment market:

• Search for employment
• Register and login to jobsites
• Use social networking to find jobs
• Apply using online forms
• Format documents and letters (CV’s and Cover letters)
• Send and receive emails


The digital skills qualifications also combine essential computer skills with training on other digital media devices such as digital cameras, smartphones and tablets, as well as social networking channels.


Digital skills comprises of two different qualifications:

The Digital Skills Award which is made up of four units: Computer basics and Online basics are mandatory units with two further units chosen from the remaining five (see below for all units).

The Digital skills Certificate comprises of all of the seven units.

Achieving either of these qualifications creates a pathway to further improve your digital skills via other BCS qualifications such as ECDL Level 1 and 2.


Digital skills units


Computer basics (mandatory in award qualification)
Understanding the desktop and how to create and print documents.


Online basics (mandatory in award qualification)
Getting online, searching online, sending and receiving emails, and understanding security risks.


Social networking (optional in award qualification)
Managing personal profiles and groups, posting messages and uploading photos.


Digital media (optional in award qualification)
Understanding file types and sizes, storing files, backing up/sharing data and connecting devices

using wireless technologies.


Digital Music (optional in award qualification)

Purchasing music online, managing/organising digital music collections.

Digital photography (optional in award qualification)

Taking photos, organising photo collections and carry out simple editing.


Audio and video software (optional in award qualification)

Capturing, playing back, transferring and sharing audio/video, and basic editing.


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Digital Skills Award qualification

Digital Skills Certificate qualification

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